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ray ban sunglasses outlet online bigboy in Beijing National Convention Center development conference only to note this combination, but in fact this combination is not developed before the conference has been a minor celebrity, just as the name of the attack. Deputy director Sui Ning pointed out that the attack bigboy members not only has a talent for performance, which is the same as that of the top- The author of the national standard boy can Jian Wang Jian, there are fresh Fan 'Ma Liang' According to the artist management official said, the attack on the bigboy, the literary style of the 'little writer' Huang Shaoruo, the vitality of the national standard boy In 24 members have to under a rigorous training before entering the entertainment circle However, there are many people in the world, At the same time stressed that, and TF-boys, Bigbang this group compared to the attack on the starting point of bigboy Is actually more difficult, because in China alone performs debut of the vegan group is indeed rare. She also pointed out that the children usually hard training attitude to her surprise